About Us

We’ve all experienced the beauty of the trail or the freedom of the open road. For many, cycling presents a world of possibilities and opportunities at every turn. At Store-Bike.com, our passion for cycling sprouted back in 1994 and has since taken root and grown into a community of people devoted to living life to its fullest. We're building a culture of people who respect each other, set the pace, and lead through service. We strive daily to better serve our customers, our fellow employees, and our community. Over the years we’ve found that happy people are hardworking people, and that the time we spend on two wheels together builds the greatest profit of all.

We all approach life with different stories and special experiences that have shaped us into who we are as individuals. Deep down, it's a love of adventure that brings us together, inspires us to push the limits of what we are capable of, and daily rediscover the freedom found when we first started pedaling.


Our mission is to engrave cycling as part of people's life. We believe that a bicycle can changed the World by changing the people that enter the sport of cycling. We do not sell bicycles and accessories. We sell health, happiness, a green solution to commuting and a ticket to be part of the cycling community. A community that shares the same goals: changing the World one pedal stroke at a time.  


Our vision is to set a new standard for bicycle shops. In simple words, we want to become the best bicycle shop in town. Only by engraving this vision into our soul, we can strive for excellence. Even when we think we are a great shop, it is never enough. We are obsessed with developing better systems and provide services that exceed customer's expectations. 


Be extraordinary in customer service:

We will treat our customers and vendors the way we would treat ourselves and our loved ones
We will meet and always try to exceed customers expectations
We will aim to bond customer relationships that build trusts, loyalty and happiness
We will listen to our customers and evolve as a company to provide better services and to offer better value

Pursue Health and mental growth:

We heavily encourage a healthy lifestyle free of drugs and bad habits
We believe there is a body-mind connection that can never stop seeking betterment and improvement. In order to impact your surrounding, we must start with ourselves

Be creative and open minded:

In a fast changing generation, we cannot evolved without thinking outside the box.
Making mistakes along the way and learning from it means we are taking risks and daring to become different in order to pursue our vision
Safe ideas are the enemy of great ideas that have helped shape the greatest companies alive
There are many ways to arrive to a destination. We allow our team and customers to use their imagination to find ways that make the journey more fun, exciting and enjoyable

Be Result Focused and efficient:

In order to stay ahead of the competition, we will work tirelessly to be more efficient and effective in the operations of our company.
We can never settle for “good enough” because this mentality will never align with our vision
We value doing more with less and having urgency to get things done a priority. We are casual in our internal interactions, but serious in the projection of our ideas.

Be passionate:

Without passion, our goals are more distant and we can get sidetrack easily
Passion is contagious and motivates others to focus on larger goals
Passion is what allows us to stand up after many downfalls and keep pressing forward

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